Question: Dakota Fan Inc manufactures an inexpensive household fan that it

Dakota Fan, Inc., manufactures an inexpensive household fan that it sells to retailers for $ 20 per unit. All sales are on account, with 40 percent of sales collected in the month of sale and 60 percent collected in the following month. The data that follow were extracted from the company’s accounting records.
Dakota Fan maintains a minimum cash balance of $ 15,000. Total payments in January 20x1 are budgeted at $ 195,000.
A schedule of cash collections for January and February of 20x1 revealed the following receipts for the period:

March 20x1 sales are expected to total 10,000 units.
Finished-goods inventories are maintained at 20 percent of the following month’s sales.
The December 31, 20x0, balance sheet revealed the following selected figures: cash, $ 22,500; accounts receivable, $ 108,000; and finished goods, $ 22,350.

1. Determine the number of units that Dakota Fan sold in December 20x0.
2. Compute the sales revenue for March 20x1.
3. Compute the total sales revenue to be reported on Dakota Fan’s budgeted income statement for the first quarter of 20x1. 4. Determine the accounts receivable balance to be reported on the March 31, 20x1, budgeted balance sheet.
5. Calculate the number of units in the December 31, 20x0, finished- goods inventory.
6. Calculate the number of units of finished goods to be manufactured in January 20x1.
7. Calculate the financing required in January, if any, to maintain the firm’s minimum cashbalance.
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