Dale Ohh has his own electronics retail chain Circuit Pro
Dale Ohh has his own electronics retail chain, Circuit Pro. His stores sell computer parts, audio-visual equipment, consumer electronics, and related items. Custom computer building and electronics repair are also offered. In addition, Circuit Pro has a website to sell its merchandise. Circuit Pro has a staff of 90 people working in six departments: Sales, Customization, Repairs, Web Development, Accounting, and Human Resources. Each department has its own manager.
1. For each of the six departments, describe at least one decision/action for each of the four stages of management (planning, directing, controlling, and decision making). Prepare a table similar to the following for your answer:
2. For each of the decisions/actions you described in Part 1, identify what information is needed for that decision/action. Specify whether that information would be generated by the financial accounting system or the managerial accounting system at Circuit Pro.
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