Danny Bone understands due diligence He spent months investigat
Danny Bone understands due diligence. He spent months investigating franchise options, focusing specifically on Elevation Burger. Elevation Burger uses the slogan “Ingredients Matter,” emphasizing its “organically raised, grass fed, free range cows and fresh cut French fries cooked in heart healthy oil.” The company has been in business 3 years when its started franchising in 2008. Danny’s brother Deniis brought franchising experience to the company from his days managing their parents Dunkin Donuts franchise. Danny and Dennis began their franchise agreement with Elevation Burger in the spring of 2008, intending to open their Austin, Texas, location by the end of that year.
What Danny hadn’t counted on was the recession. Financing suddenly tightened, and forecasts for restaurant sales were especially negative. Nevertheless, Danny and Dennis remained confident and were convinced that they understood how to run a cost-efficient operation. The brothers were committed to open 3 restaurants in the Austin area.

What can the Elevation Burger franchisor do to help franchisees in a recession? Be specific.

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