Question: Darlene works for Big CPA Firm When she was being

Darlene works for Big CPA Firm. When she was being interviewed, Darlene was told by a partner in the firm that she was not to underreport her time spent on various engagements. However, after working for a few months, she discovers that everyone in her office “eats time.” Because she is not eating time like every-one else, Darlene is always over budget. She is beginning to get a reputation as a “budget buster.” As a result, none of the senior tax staff wants her on their engagements. She is getting the worst clients and bad reviews from the people for whom she works. It appears that unless she starts eating time, Darlene’s future with the firm is limited.
a. What would you recommend Darlene do?
b. What potential ethics issues do you see in this situation?

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