Data Set 19 in Appendix B includes volumes (oz) of a simple random sample of 36 cans of regular Coke. Those volumes have a mean of 12.19 oz and a standard deviation of 0.11 oz, and they appear to be from a normally distributed population. If we want the filling process to work so that almost all cans have volumes between 11.8 oz and 12.4 oz, the range rule of thumb can be used to estimate that the standard deviation should be less than 0.15 oz. Use the sample data to test the claim that the population of volumes has a standard deviation less than 0.15 oz. Use a 0.05 significance level.
Identify the null hypothesis, alternative hypothesis, test statistic, P-value or critical value(s), conclusion about the null hypothesis, and final conclusion that addresses the original claim. Assume that a simple random sample is selected from a normally distributed population.

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