Question: Data were collected showing the gestation period in days and

Data were collected showing the gestation period (in days) and the average longevity (in years) for 32 animals. Assume that all conditions of the linear regression model hold. The data are available on this text's website and also on p. 68.
a. Make a scatterplot with gestation period as the x-variable and average longevity as the y-variable, and insert the correct regression line. Report the regression equation.
b. One animal lives much longer than we would expect, given its gestation period. Identify this animal.
c. From the data, find a confidence interval for the mean average longevity of animals with a gestation period of 266 days.*
d. Humans have a gestation period of about 266 days. Does the confidence interval for the average life span for humans seem to fit what you know about humans' life spans? Explain.

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