Question: David Abacus uses the Internet to place an order to

David Abacus uses the Internet to place an order to license software for his computer from Inet. License, Inc. (Inet), through Inet’s electronic website ordering system. Inet’s Web page order form asks David to type in his name, mailing address, telephone number, e mail address, credit card information, computer location information, and personal identification number. Inet’s electronic agent requests that David verify the information a second time before it accepts the order, which David does. The license duration is two years at a license fee of $ 300 per month. Only after receiving the verification of information does Inet’s electronic agent place the order and send an electronic copy of the software program to David’s computer, where he installs the new software program. David later refuses to pay the license fee due Inet because he claims his electronic signature and information were not authentic. Inet sues David to recover the license fee. Is David’s electronic signature enforceable against him?

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