David and Darlene Jasper have one child Sam who is
David and Darlene Jasper have one child, Sam, who is 6 years old. The Jaspers reside at 4639 Honeysuckle Lane, Los Angeles, CA 90248. David’s Social Security number is 577-11-3311, Darlene’s is 477-98-4731, and Sam’s is 589-22-1142. David and Darlene’s earnings and withholdings for 2014 are:
Their other income includes interest from Pine Tree Savings and Loan of $1,900. Other information and expenditures for 2014 are as follows:
Complete the Jaspers’ federal tax return for 2014. Use Form 1040, Schedule A, Schedule B, and Form 2441, on Pages 6-53 through 6-57. Make realistic assumptions about any missing data.
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