Dayton Furniture Fashions Inc DFF is incorporated in Ohio and
Dayton Furniture Fashions, Inc. (DFF), is incorporated in Ohio and operates three retail furniture stores in Dayton, Ohio. DFF advertises its stores on radio stations and in newspapers in Richmond, Indiana, a city near the Indiana border with Ohio. In response to DFF's advertisements, Greta Hammond, a resident of Richmond, drives to a DFF store in Dayton and purchases a sofa bed for $956. DFF agrees to deliver the sofa bed to Hammond's home in Richmond in three days. DFF's employees deliver the sofa bed to Hammond as promised, driving a delivery truck owned by DFF from its warehouse in Huber Heights, Ohio. A few days later, when Hammond attempts to use the sofa bed for the first time, she discovers the sofa bed is defective and is not usable. When DFF refuses to replace the sofa bed, Hammond sues DFF in an Indiana state court. Does the Indiana court have jurisdiction over DFF?

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