Del Gato Clinic deposits all cash receipts on the day
Del Gato Clinic deposits all cash receipts on the day when they are received and it makes all cash payments by check. At the close of business on June 30, 2013, its Cash account shows a $ 11,589 debit balance. Del Gato Clinic’s June 30 bank statement shows $ 10,555 on deposit in the bank. Prepare a bank reconciliation for Del Gato Clinic using the following information:
a. Outstanding checks as of June 30 total $ 1,829.
b. The June 30 bank statement included a $ 16 debit memorandum for bank services.
c. Check No. 919, listed with the canceled checks, was correctly drawn for $ 467 in payment of a utility bill on June 15. Del Gato Clinic mistakenly recorded it with a debit to Utilities Expense and a credit to Cash in the amount of $ 476.
d. The June 30 cash receipts of $ 2,856 were placed in the bank’s night depository after banking hours and were not recorded on the June 30 bank statement.

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