Question: DeSalle Company s annual report includes the following items financial statements

DeSalle Company’s annual report includes the following items: financial statements, notes to the financial statements, management’s discussion and analysis, and a report of independent accountants.
For each of the following items, where would you most likely find the information in the annual report?
a. A description of the risks associated with operating the company in an international market.
b. Detailed information on the outstanding debt of a company, including the interest rate being charged and the maturity date of the debt.
c. A description of the accounting methods used by the company.
d. The total resources and claims to the resources of a company.
e. A discussion of the sales trends of the company’s most profitable products.
f. The amount of dividends paid to common stockholders.
g. An opinion as to whether the financial statements are a fair presentation of the company’s financial position and results of operations.
h. The cost of operating a company over a period of time.

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