Describe a hypothetical study for which multiple regression with more than two predictor variables would be an appropriate analysis. Your description should include one dependent variable and three or more predictors.
a. For each variable, provide specific information about how the variable would be measured and whether or not it is quantitative, normally distributed, and so forth.
b. Assuming that you are trying to detect a medium size R2, what is the minimum desirable N for your study (based on the guidelines in this chapter)?
c. What regression method (e.g., standard, sequential, or statistical) would you prefer to use for your study, and why? (If sequential, indicate the order of entry or predictors that you would use and the rationale for the order of entry.)
d. What pattern of results would you predict in the regression; that is, would you expect the overall multiple R to be significant? Which predictor(s) would you expect to make a significant unique contributions, and why?

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