Question: Designing medication packaging that resists opening by children but yields

Designing medication packaging that resists opening by children, but yields readily to adults, presents numerous challenges. In the article "Painful Design" (American Scientist, Vol. 93, No. 2, pp. 113-118), H. Petroski examined the packaging used for Aleve, a brand of pain reliever. Three new container designs were given to a panel of children aged 42 months to 51 months. For each design, the children were handed the bottle, shown how to open it, and then left alone with it. If more than 20% of the children succeeded in opening the bottle on their own within 10 minutes, even if by using their teeth, the bottle failed to qualify as child resistant. Identify the
a. Experimental units.
b. Response variable.
c. Factor(s).
d. Levels of each factor.
e. Treatments.

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