Despite Zimbabwe s shattered economy with endemic poverty and widespread political
Despite Zimbabwe’s shattered economy, with endemic poverty and widespread political strife and repression, thousands of people from overseas still head there every year (BBC News,
August 27, 2008). Main attractions include the magnificent Victoria Falls, the ruins of Great Zimbabwe, and herds of roaming wildlife. A tourism director claims that Zimbabwe visitors are equally represented by Europe, North America, and the rest of the world. Records show that of the 380 tourists who recently visited Zimbabwe, 135 were from Europe, 126 from North America, and 119 from the rest of the world.
a. A recent visitor to Zimbabwe believes that the tourism director’s claim is wrong. Set up the competing hypotheses such that rejection of the null hypothesis supports the visitor’s belief.
b. Use the critical value approach to conduct the test at a 5% level. Do the sample data support the visitor’s belief?
c. Repeat the analysis with the p-value approach.

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