Question: Determine the taxpayer s current year 1 economic income and 2 gross

Determine the taxpayer’s current-year (1) economic income and (2) gross income for tax purposes from the following events.
a. Sam’s employment contract as chief executive of a large corporation was terminated, and he was paid $500,000 not to work for a competitor of the corporation for five years.
b. Elliot, a 6-year-old child, was paid $5,000 for appearing in a television commercial. His parents put the funds in a savings account for the child’s education.
c. Valerie found a suitcase that contained $100,000. She could not determine who the owner was.
d. Winn purchased a lottery ticket for $5 and won $750,000 from it.
e. Larry spent $1,000 to raise vegetables that he and his family consumed. The cost of the vegetables in a store would have been $2,400.
f. Dawn purchased an automobile for $1,500 that was worth $3,500. The seller was in desperate need of cash.

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