Diagnostic Technology Inc manufactures diagnostic testing equipment used in hospitals
Diagnostic Technology, Inc., manufactures diagnostic testing equipment used in hospitals. The company practices just-in-time inventory management and has a state-of-the-art manufacturing system. The following nonfinancial data were collected biweekly in the Albany plant during the first quarter of the current year.

1. For each nonfinancial performance measure, indicate which of the following areas of manufacturing performance is involved:
(a) Production processing,
(b) Product quality,
(c) Customer acceptance,
(d) In-process quality control,
(e) Productivity,
(f) Delivery performance,
(g) Raw material and scrap,
(h) Inventory,
(i) Machine maintenance. Some measures may relate to more than one area.
2. Write a memo to management commenting on the performance data collected for the Albany plant. Be sure to note any trends or other important results you see in the data. Evaluate the Albany plant in each of the areas listed in requirement(1).
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