Diane Simpson, Inc., sells two popular brands of cookies: Diane’s Delight and Bessie’s Bourbon. Diane’s Delight goes through the mixing and baking departments, and Bessie’s Bourbon, a filled cookie, goes through the mixing, filling, and baking departments. Michael Shirra, vice president of sales, believes that at the current price, Diane Simpson can sell all of its daily production of Diane’s Delight and Bessie’s Bourbon. Both cookies are made in batches of 3,000. In each department, the time required per batch and the total time available each day are:

Revenue and cost data for each type of cookie are:

1. Using D to represent the batches of Diane’s Delight and B to represent the batches of Bessie’s Bourbon made and sold each day, formulate Shirra’s decision as an LP model.
2. Compute the optimal number of batches of each type of cookie that Diane Simpson, Inc., should make and sell each day to maximize operatingincome.

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