Question: Diarrhea can kill children and is often caused by rotavirus

Diarrhea can kill children and is often caused by rotavirus. Read the abstract below, and answer the questions that follow.
"Methods: We obtained data on deaths from diarrhea, regard less of cause, from January 2003 through May 2009 in Mexican children under 5 years of age. We compared diarrhea related mortality in 2008 and during the 2008 and 2009 rotavirus seasons with the mortality at baseline (2003-2006), before the introduction of the rotavirus vaccine. Vaccine coverage was estimated from administrative data. Conclusions: After the introduction of a rotavirus vaccine, a significant decline in diarrhea-related deaths among Mexican children was observed, suggesting a potential benefit from rotavirus vaccination."*
a. State the death rate before vaccine and the death rate after vaccine.
What was the change in deaths per 100,000 children? From the given p-value, can you reject the null hypothesis of no change in death rate?
b. Would you conclude that the vaccine was effective? Why or why not?

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