Question: Different sizes of nails are packaged in 1 pound boxes Let

Different sizes of nails are packaged in “1-pound” boxes. Let Xi equal the weight of a box with nail size C, i = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, where 4C, 8C, 12C, 16C, and 20C are the sizes of the sinkers from smallest to largest. Assume that the distribution of Xi is N(μi, σ2). To test the null hypothesis that the mean weights of “1-pound” boxes are all equal for different sizes of nails, we shall use random samples of size 7, weighing the nails to the nearest hundredth of a pound.
(a) Give a critical region for an α = 0.05 significance level.
(b) Construct an ANOVA table and state your conclusion, using the following data:
(c) For each set of data, construct box-and-whisker diagrams on the same figure and give an interpretation of your diagrams.

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