Question: Discuss each of these statements What might be wrong with

Discuss each of these statements. What might be wrong with each of them?
a. “We’ve thought about computer integration of all our manufacturing functions, but when we looked at it, we realized that the labor savings wouldn’t justify the cost.”
b. “We’ve had these computer-controlled robots on the line for several months now, and they’re great! We no longer have to reconfigure the whole line to shift to a different product. I just give the robots new instructions, and they change operations. Just wait until this run is done and I’ll show you.”
c. “Each of my manufacturing departments is authorized to invest in whatever technologies are necessary to perform its function more effectively. As a result, we have state-of-the-art equipment throughout our factories - from CAD/CAM to automated materials handling to robots on the line. When we’re ready to migrate to a CIM environment, we can just tie all these pieces together.”
d. “I’m glad we finally got that CAD system,” the designer said, a computer-generated blueprint in hand. “I was able to draw these plans and make modifications right on the computer screen in a fraction of the time it used to take by hand.” “They tell me this new computer-aided manufacturing system will do the same for me,” the manufacturing engineer replied. “I’ll just punch in your specs and find out.”

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