Question: Don Otno has been researching software options but cannot decide

Don Otno has been researching software options but cannot decide among three alternatives. Don started his search at Computers Made Easy (CME) and almost wished he had looked no further. Steve Young, the manager of CME, appeared knowledgeable and listened attentively to Don’s problems, needs, and concerns. Steve had software and hardware that would, with a few exceptions, meet Don’s needs. Don could start using the system almost immediately. The system’s price was unexpectedly reasonable.
After three hours at Custom Designed Software (CDS), Don left convinced that they could produce exactly what he needed. Cost and time estimates were not established, but CDS assured him that the cost would be reasonable and that the software would be complete in a few months.
At Modified Software Unlimited (MSU), the owner said that customized software was very good but expensive and that canned software was inexpensive but rarely met more than a few needs. The best of both worlds could be achieved by having MSU modify the package that came closest to meeting Don’s needs.
Don returned to CME and asked Steve about customized and modified software. Steve expressed enough concerns about both that Don came full circle—to thinking canned software was best. That night, Don realized he could not make an objective decision. He was swayed by whichever vendor he was talking with at the time. The next morning he called you for help.

a. List the advantages and disadvantages of each vendor’s approach.
b. Recommend a course of action for Don, and support your decision.

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