Question: Dr Duncan R Danforth a 75 year old man of

Dr. Duncan R. Danforth, a 75 year old man of substantial means, married 21 year old Loretta Ollison. Immediately following the ceremony, the newlyweds went to a lawyer’s office, where Danforth executed a newly prepared will, naming Ollison a principal beneficiary of his estate. Four days later, Danforth was murdered by Michael Stith, Ollison’s lover. In a criminal trial, Ollison was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Can Ollison recover under the will or take her elective share of the estate under the state’s intestacy statute? In re the Estate of Danforth, 705 S. W. 2d 609, 1986 Mo. App. Lexis 3757 (Court of Appeals of Missouri)

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