Dr Graham Wood purchased a cashier s check in the amount
Dr. Graham Wood purchased a cashier’s check in the amount of $ 6,000 from Central Bank of the South (Bank). The check was made pay-able to Ken Walker and was delivered to him. Eleven months later, Bank’s branch manager informed Wood that the cashier’s check was still outstanding. Wood subsequently signed a form, requesting that payment be stopped and a replacement check issued. He also agreed to indemnify Bank for any damages resulting from the issuance of the replacement check. Bank issued a re-placement check to Wood. Seven months later, Walker deposited the original cashier’s check in his bank, which was paid by Bank. Bank requested that Woods repay the bank $ 6,000. When he refused, Bank sued Woods to re-cover this amount. Who wins? Wood v. Central Bank of the South, 435 So. 2d 1287, 1982 Ala. Civ. App. Lexis 1362 (Court of Civil Appeals of Alabama)
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