Question: Dr Lori Baker operations manager at Nesa Electronics prides h

Dr. Lori Baker, operations manager at Nesa Electronics, prides herself on excellent assembly-line balancing. She has been told that the firm needs to complete 96 instruments per 24-hour day. The assembly-line activities ace:

(a) Draw the precedence diagram.
(b) If the daily (24-hour) production rate is 96 units, what is the highest allowable cycle time?
(c) If the cycle time after allowances is given as 10 minutes, what is the daily (24-hour) production rate?
(d) With a 10-minute cycle time, what is the theoretical minimum number of stations with which the line can be balanced?
(e) With a 10-minute cycle time and six workstations, what is the efficiency?
(f) What is the total idle time per cycle with a 10-minute cycle time and six workstations?
(g) What is the best work station assignment you can make without exceeding a 10-minute cycle time and what is its efficiency?

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