Dr Mike Douvas is opening a new sports clinic and
Dr. Mike Douvas is opening a new sports clinic and is wondering how to arrange the six different departments of the clinic:
1. Waiting;
2. Reception;
3. Records and staff lounge;
4. Examination;
5. Outpatient surgery; and
6. Physical therapy.
A map of the clinic follows. The six marked areas are big enough to handle any of the departments, although Dr.
Douvas wants to have Reception near the front door (for obvious reasons). Areas that share a side are approximately 15 feet apart, while those that share a corner are 25 feet apart. The distances between A and E and between B and F are 30 feet, while the distances between A and F and between B and E are approximately 40 feet.

Dr. Douvas also has estimates of the number of trips made by patients and staff between the various departments each day:
a. Given that Dr. Douvas wants Reception assigned to area A, how many possible arrangements are there?
b. Generate the best solution you can, given the information below. Calculate the total distance traveled for your solution.
c. (***) Now select two departments to switch (except Reception). By carefully choosing two, can you come up with a better solution? Justify your answer.

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