Question: Draw a behavioral state machine diagram that describes the vario

Draw a behavioral state machine diagram that describes the various states that a travel authorization can have through its approval process. A travel authorization form is used in most companies to approve travel expenses for employees. Typically, an employee fills out a blank form and sends it to his or her boss for a signature. If the amount is fairly small (under $300), then the boss signs the form and routes it to accounts payable to be input into the accounting system. The system cuts a check that is sent to the employee for the right amount, and after the check is cashed, the form is filed away with the canceled check. If the check is not cashed within 90 days, the travel form expires. When the amount of the travel voucher is large (over $300), the boss signs the form and sends it to the chief financial officer (CFO) along with a paragraph explaining the purpose of the travel, and the CFO will sign the form and pass it along to accounts payable. Of course, both the boss and the CFO can reject the travel authorization form if they do not feel that the expenses are reasonable. In this case, the employee can change the form to include more explanation or decide to pay the expenses.

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