Dundee Company owns 100 percent of a subsidiary located in Ireland. The parent company uses the Euro as the subsidiary's functional currency. At the beginning of the year, the debit balance in the Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income-Translation Adjustment account, which was the only item in accumulated other comprehensive income, was $80,000. The subsidiary's translated trial balance at the end of the year is as follows:

a. Prepare the subsidiary's income statement, ending in net income, for the year.
b. Prepare the subsidiary's statement of comprehensive income for the year.
c. Prepare a year-end balance sheet for the subsidiary.
d. ASC 220 allows for alternative operating statement displays of the other comprehensive income items. Discuss the major differences between the one-statement format of the income statement and comprehensive income versus the two-statement format of the income statement with a separate statement of comprehensiveincome.

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