Question: Dunrobin Industries Ltd which uses IFRS had the following transactions

Dunrobin Industries Ltd., which uses IFRS, had the following transactions during its most recent fiscal year.
1. Acquired raw materials inventory.
2. Declared a cash dividend on common shares.
3. Collected cash from tenants for rents.
4. Acquired a 4% interest in a supplier company’s shares accounted as FV-NI. (Management’s intention is not to trade the shares.)
5. Made the annual contribution to the employees’ pension plan.
6. Leased new equipment under a finance lease.
7. Leased additional office space under an operating lease.
8. Paid the semi-annual interest on outstanding debentures and amortized the associated premium.
9. Paid the supplier for the acquisition in (1.) above.
10. Acquired land by issuing preferred shares.
11. Paid the car dealership for a new fleet of vehicles for the sales staff.
12. Collected a dividend on the investment made in (4.) above.
13. Sold the old fleet of sales vehicles at an amount in excess of their carrying amount.
14. Distributed additional shares following a declaration of a 5% stock dividend.
Dunrobin Industries Ltd. has adopted the policy of classifying dividends received as investing activities, dividends paid as operating activities, and interest paid as a financing activity on the cash flow statement.
Identify each transaction listed above as
(a) An operating activity,
(b) An investing activity,
(c) A financing activity,
(d) A significant non-cash investing or financing activity, or
(e) None of these options.
Where there are choices or options in the classification, provide details of the options available.

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