Dunyain Company acquired Allsap Corporation on January 1, 20X1, through an exchange of common shares. All of Allsap’s assets and liabilities were immediately transferred to Dunyain, which reported total par value of shares outstanding of $218,400 and $327,600 and additional paid-in capital of $370,000 and $650,800 immediately before and after the business combination, respectively.

a. Assuming that Dunyain’s common stock had a market value of $25 per share at the time of exchange, what number of shares was issued?
b. What is the par value per share of Dunyain’s common stock?
c. Assuming that Allsap’s identifiable assets had a fair value of $476,000 and its liabilities had a fair value of $120,000, what amount of goodwill did Dunyain record at the time of the business combination?

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