During 2014 Mora Corporation completed the following transactions Jan 1
During 2014, Mora Corporation completed the following transactions:
Jan. 1 Traded in old office equipment with book value of $ 40,000 (cost of $ 132,000 and accumulated depreciation of $ 92,000) for new equipment. Mora also paid $ 80,000 in cash. Fair value of new equipment is $ 122,000. Assume the exchange had commercial substance.
Apr. 1 Sold equipment that cost $ 30,000 (accumulated depreciation of $ 25,000 through December 31 of the preceding year). Mora received $ 2,000 cash from the sale of the equipment. Depreciation is computed on a straight- line basis. The equipment has a 5-year useful life and a residual value of $ 0.
Dec. 31 Recorded depreciation as follows: Office equipment is depreciated using the double- declining-balance method over four years with a $ 4,000 residual value.
Record the transactions in the journal of Mora Corporation.

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