Question: During 2014 the Town of Falmouth had a number of

During 2014, the Town of Falmouth had a number of transactions that affected net position of its town skating rink, which is operated as an enterprise fund. You are provided with the following information for 2014:
1. The beginning net position balances are: net investment in capital assets, $679,800; restricted, $0; and unrestricted, $1,354,692.
2. Net income for the year was $162,759.
3. Depreciation expense totaled $54,000.
4. A piece of equipment with a carrying value of $26,100 was sold for $25,000.
5. Bonds for $500,000 were issued to construct a concession stand at the rink.
At the end of the year, the concession stand was 50 percent complete, and construction work in progress totaled $248,000.
6. A $15,000 principal payment was made on a capital lease.
7. A new Zamboni ice resurfacing machine was purchased for $250,000.

Prepare the net position section of Falmouth’s 2014 statement of net position.

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