During a five year period the Federal Aviation Administration took administrative
During a five-year period, the Federal Aviation Administration took administrative actions (letters of correction or warning notices) and levied fines against U.S. airline companies for various safety-related reasons. For each airline involved, data file XR03069 lists the number of administrative actions taken toward the airline along with the total amount of fines (in millions of dollars) levied against the airline during this time period. Using number of administrative actions as the x (independent) variable and fines as the y (dependent) variable, generate a scatter diagram, fit a linear equation to the diagram, then determine and interpret the coefficients of correlation and determination.
A computer and statistical software will be desirable and useful. However, any necessary calculations can also be done with the aid of a pocket calculator. For readers using statistical software, keep in mind the file-naming key— for example, the data for Exercise 3.57 will be in data file XR03057.
In exercise
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