Question: During a recent board meeting your organization s officers decided to

During a recent board meeting, your organization’s officers decided to respond to complaints from workers and clients about smokers who gather outside the main entrance to your office building. Complaints ranged from the effects of secondhand smoke to the message the smokers shed on the organization’s image to outside clients who need to enter the building. The board decided that smoking will be allowed only in a designated area at the far end of the parking lot. Smokers can no longer congregate near the building’s main entrance. As vice president, write a memo to all employees announcing the immediate change in the smoking policy. In addition, write a memo to your instructor that analyzes your rhetorical situation (context, audiences, and
purposes) and the ethical decisions you had to make to construct this memo. Hints:
Pick a business, government, or nonprofit organization that you know something about.
What benefits can you stress to employees about the new policy?
Some employees, particularly those who smoke, may be disgruntled with the new policy. What benefits can you stress for them and how will you overcome their negative feelings?

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