During one month the Avis Rent A Car rate for renting a
During one month, the Avis Rent-A-Car rate for renting a Buick LeSabre in Mobile, Alabama, was $68.22 per day plus 25ɸ per mile. For a 1-day rental, let x denote the number of miles driven and let y denote the total cost, in dollars.
a. Find the equation that expresses y in terms of x.
b. Determine b0 and b1.
c. Construct a table similar to Table 4.1 on page 145 for the x-values 50, 100, and 250 miles.
d. Draw the graph of the equation that you determined in part (a) by plotting the points from part (c) and connecting them with a line.
e. Apply the graph from part (d) to estimate visually the cost of driving the car 150 miles. Then calculate that cost exactly by using the equation from part (a).
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