Question: During the 1980s the NCAA a voluntary unincorporated association of

During the 1980s, the NCAA, a voluntary unincorporated association of approximately 1,100 educational institutions, became concerned over the steadily rising costs of maintaining competitive athletic programs. As a way of containing those costs, the association imposed salary capson college and university athletic coaches. The capson salaries as well as limits on number and types of coaches were imposed pursuant to NCAA procedures and members’ votes. A group of coaches filed suit, challenging the caps on salaries and hiring as being anticompetitive. The NCAA responded that it had a goal of containing athletic program costs as well as ensuring that entry-level coaching positions were available. Are the salary caps legal under the federal antitrust laws? [Law v. National Collegiate Athletic Ass’n, 134 F.3d 1010 (10th Cir.)]

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