Question: During the 2003 Super Bowl Miller Lite Beer s commercial referred

During the 2003 Super Bowl, Miller Lite Beer's commercial referred to as "The Miller Lite Girls" ranked among the top three most effective advertisements aired during the Super Bowl (USA Today, December 29, 2003). The survey of advertising effectiveness, conducted by USA Today's Ad Track poll, reported separate samples by respondent age group to learn about how the Super Bowl advertisement appealed to different age groups. The following sample data apply to the "The Miller Lite Girls" commercial.
a. Formulate a hypothesis test that can be us
b. What is the point estimate of the difference between the two population proportions?
c. Conduct the hypothesis test and report the p-value. At α = .05, what is your conclusion?
d. Discuss the appeal of the advertisements to the younger and the older age groups.
Would the Miller Lite organization find the results of the USA Today Ad Track poll encouraging? Explain.

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