During the 2008 MLB All Star Game Home Run Contest
During the 2008 MLB All Star Game Home Run Contest, Josh Hamilton put on an amazing show with his 35 home runs. The recorded Apex and Distance of each home run he hit is listed here: Apex—The highest point reached by the ball in flight above field level, in feet. StdDist, Standard Distance—The estimated distance in feet the home run would have traveled if it had flown uninterrupted all the way down to field level. Standard distance factors out the influences of wind, temperature, and altitude, and is thus the best way of comparing home runs hit under a variety of different conditions
a. Construct a scatter diagram using apex as x and standard distance as y.
b. Do the points seem to suggest a linear pattern? Explain.
c. Does it appear that the apex for the flight of a home run will be useful in predicting the home run’s length? Explain, giving at least one reason that is non-statistical and at least one reason that is statistical.
d. What other factor about the flight of a home run might cause the pattern of points to be so varied?
e. Estimate the value of the linear correlation coefficient.
f. Calculate the correlation coefficient.
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