During the current year Ramirez Developers disposed of plant assets
During the current year, Ramirez Developers disposed of plant assets in the following transactions:
Feb. 10 Office equipment costing $26,000 was given to a scrap dealer at no charge. At the date of disposal, accumulated depreciation on the office equipment amounted to $25,800.
Apr. 1 Ramirez sold land and a building to Claypool Associates for $900,000, receiving
$100,000 cash and a five-year, 9 percent note receivable for the remaining balance.
Ramirez’s records showed the following amounts: Land, $50,000; Building, $550,000; Accumulated Depreciation: Building (at the date of disposal), $250,000.
Aug. 15 Ramirez traded in an old truck for a new one. The old truck had cost $26,000, and its accumulated depreciation amounted to $18,000. The list price of the new truck was
$39,000, but Ramirez received a $10,000 trade-in allowance for the old truck and paid only $29,000 in cash. Ramirez includes trucks in its Vehicles account.
Oct. 1 Ramirez traded in its old computer system as part of the purchase of a new system. The old system had cost $15,000, and its accumulated depreciation amounted to $11,000.
The new computer’s list price was $8,000. Ramirez accepted a trade-in allowance of
$500 for the old computer system, paying $1,500 down in cash and issuing a one-year,
8 percent note payable for the $6,000 balance owed.
a. Prepare journal entries to record each of the disposal transactions. Assume that depreciation expense on each asset has been recorded up to the date of disposal. Thus, you need not update the accumulated depreciation figures stated in the problem.
b. Will the gains and losses recorded in part a above affect the gross profit reported in Ramirez’s income statement? Explain.
c. Explain how the financial reporting of gains and losses on plant assets differs from the financial reporting of unrealized gains and losses on marketable securities discussed in Chapter7.

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