During the current year Rothchild Inc purchased two assets that
During the current year, Rothchild, Inc., purchased two assets that are described as follows:
Heavy Equipment
Purchase price, $275,000.
Expected to be used for 10 years, with a residual value at the end of that time of $50,000.
Expenditures required reconditioning the equipment and preparing it for use, $75,000.

Purchase price, $75,000.
Expected to be used for five years, with no value at the end of that time.

Rothchild depreciates heavy equipment by the declining-balance method at 150 percent of the straight-line rate. It amortizes intangible assets by the straight-line method. At the end of two years, because of changes in Rothchild’s core business, it sold the patent to a competitor for $35,000.

a. Compute the amount of depreciation expense on the heavy equipment for each of the first three years of the asset’s life.
b. Compute the amount of amortization on the patent for each of the two years it was owned by Rothchild.
c. Prepare the plant and intangible assets section of Rothchild’s balance sheet at the end of the first and second years. Also, calculate the amount of the gain or loss on the patent that would be included in the second year’s income statement.

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