During the first week of 2014 the Payroll Department of
During the first week of 2014, the Payroll Department of Omni Corporation is preparing the Forms W-2 for distribution to its employees along with their payroll checks on January 3. In this problem, you will complete six of the forms in order to gain some experience in recording the different kinds of information required.
Assume each employee earned the same weekly salary for each of the 52 paydays in 2013. Using the following information obtained from the personnel and payroll records of the firm, complete Copy A of the six Forms W-2 reproduced on the following pages. Also complete Form W-3.
The form is to be signed by the president, Frank Kent, and is prepared by Vince Roper.

Company Information:
Address: 4800 River Road

Philadelphia, PA 19113-5548 Pennsylvania state identification number 00-0-1066
Telephone number: (215) 555-0017 Federal identification number: 00-0000972
Fax number: (215) 555-0010 Philadelphia identification number: 0001895

Income Tax Information:
The wage-bracket method is used to determine federal income tax withholding. Calculate the annual federal income tax withheld by using the weekly wage-bracket table and multiply the answer by 52. The other taxes withheld are shown below.

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*Must use percentage method to calculate federal incometax.
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