During the month of November the following transactions occurred.
1. Record the following transactions in the general journal and post them to the general ledger.
2. Prepare a trial balance as of November 30, 201X.
Assume the following transactions:
Nov. 1 Billed Vita Needle Company $6,800, invoice no. 12675, for services rendered.
3 Billed Accu Pac, Inc., $3,900, invoice no. 12676, for services rendered.
5 Purchased new shop benches for $1,400 on account from System Design Furniture.
9 Received the phone bill, $150.
12 Collected $500 of the amount due from Taylor Golf.
18 Collected $800 of the amount due from Taylor Golf.
20 Purchased a fax machine for the office from Multi Systems, Inc., on credit, $450.00.

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