Question: During the past decade many cigarette smokers have attempted to

During the past decade, many cigarette smokers have attempted to quit. Unfortunately, nicotine is highly addictive. Smokers use a large number of different methods to help them quit. These include nicotine patches, hypnosis, and various forms of therapy. A researcher for the Addiction Research Council wanted to determine why some people quit while others attempted to quit but failed. He surveyed 1,000 people who planned to quit smoking. He determined their educational level and whether they continued to smoke 1 year later. Educational level was recorded in the following way:
1 = Did not finish high school
2 = High school graduate
3 = University or college graduate
4 = Completed a postgraduate degree
A continuing smoker was recorded as 1; a quitter was recorded as 2. Can we infer that the amount of education is a factor in determining whether a smoker will quit?

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