Question: During the past week one of your newly employed payroll

During the past week, one of your newly employed payroll associates dropped into your office to ask several questions regarding wage reporting for federal income and social security tax purposes. If you were the payroll supervisor, how would you answer each of the following questions raised by your associate?
1. I just noticed that the social security number is wrong on three of the employees' W-2 forms. How do I go about correcting the forms? Will the employees be penalized for filing incorrect forms?
2. Eileen Huang informed me today that we had withheld too much Medicare tax from her pay last year. She is right! What forms do I use to make the correction?
3. You asked me last week to locate one of our former employees, Warren Bucks. I can't seem to track him down. What should I do with his Form W-2?
4. Is it okay to use titles like ''M.D.'' and ''Esq.'' when I keyboard data in the W-2 forms?

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