Question: Dwight R Lee is the Ramsey Professor of Economics at

Dwight R. Lee is the Ramsey Professor of Economics at the University of Georgia Read the article he wrote for the Library of Economics and Liberty's Concise Encyclopedia of Economics entitled "Redistribution of Income" at the following link:
Most people agree that to some extent, a redistribution of income from the wealthy to the not-so-wealthy is necessary. The primary questions remaining are, how much and through what mechanism?
From this article write a brief report (minimum of 500 words) addressing the following:
•Explain why you support or do not support a general policy of income redistribution.
•Describe a current government policy that you do not support and how that could be changed to better accomplish its purpose.
•Answer the question; have current redistribution policies resulted in a positive net gain in percent of national income going to the poor?
Submit this assignment to your instructor using the Assignment Dropbox labeled "LP8: Income Redistribution."

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