Question: Dyggur Equipment manufactures and sells heavy equipment used in construction

Dyggur Equipment manufactures and sells heavy equipment used in construction and mining. Customers are contractors who want reliable equipment at a low cost. The firm’s strategy is to provide reliable products at a price lower than its competitors. Management wants to emphasize quick delivery and quick turnaround when equipment needs repair or service so that contractors are not without their equipment often or for long. Dyggur is considering the performance measures listed below for use in its balanced scorecard.
Categorize each of the following potential balanced scorecard measures as follows:
F Financial
C Customer
I Internal business process
L Learning and growth
___ A. Manufacturing cycle time per product
___ B. Market share
___ C. Average ratings on customer satisfaction surveys
___ D. Average cost per unit
___ E. Economic value added
___ F. Percent of receivables collected
___ G. Dollar value of warranty work
___ H. Time between order and delivery
___ I. Time it takes to repair returned equipment
___ J. Number of focus groups for new products
___ K. Number of new uses for current products
___ L. Number of times new technology is applied to current products
___ M. Number of product change suggestions from sales
___ N. Number of engineering change orders to improve manufacturing cycle
___ O. Revenue growth
___ P. Employee training hours
___ Q. Number of quality improvement suggestions from employees
___ R. Number of new customers
___ S. Number of repeat customers
___ T. Employee turnover rate
___ U. Defect rates for manufacturing production
V. Percentage of error-free rates in:
___ 1. Purchasing
___ 2. Billing
___ 3. Customer record-keeping

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