Each chapter also includes an exercise like this one Not
Each chapter also includes an exercise like this one. Not only will completing them help you master each chapter’s vocabulary; you also may find questions like this one on your class exams and accounting professional exams. Please match each item on the left with the most appropriate item on the right.
1. Business Ethics Quarterly
2. Comparability and consistency
3. Currency
4. Deterministic
5. Going concern
6. Journal of Accountancy
7. Matching
8. Materiality
9. Objective of financial reporting
10. Relevance and reliability
a. A constraint of the conceptual framework
b. A principle of the conceptual framework
c. Accounting information’s secondary qualitative characteristics
d. An assumption of the conceptual framework
e. An example of scholarly information
f. Another name for problems with single correct answers
g. Concerns whether information is up-to-date
h. Example of practitioner information
i. Primary qualitative characteristics of accounting information
j. To provide information for decision making
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