Question: Each of the following independent examples involves one or more

Each of the following independent examples involves one or more of the four major activities carried out by managers at Sights and Sounds, a manufacturer of high-quality televisions and audio equipment for home use: planning, directing and motivating, controlling, and decision making.
i. Sales managers are developing estimates of next year’s demand for the company’s newest line of LCD televisions. This information will be used in preparing the annual budget.
ii. In reviewing the monthly quality control reports, the production manager for home theatre systems has noticed that an unusually high number of units were discovered to have manufacturing defects. She is putting together a team of employees to investigate the problem.
iii. Managers in the research and development department are developing a recommendation as to which of two alternative design choices the company should use for its line of floor speakers.
iv. The most recent monthly performance report shows disappointing results for sales of the company’s line of plasma televisions in May. Sales are well below budget, and the product manager for plasma televisions is evaluating several issues, including how retailers can be motivated to improve sales; the production schedule for the next three months; and, longer term, the possibility of discontinuing this product line.
For each example, select which of the four activities managers are carrying out and briefly explain the basis for your choice(s). Some examples may include more than one type of activity.

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