Each of the following items was found on the financial statements for Hartsfield Company for the year ended December 31, 2011:
Net income from continuing operations ............. $ 136,500
Gain on the sale of a discontinued segment, net of taxes of $ 42,000 . 140,000
Loss from operation of discontinued segment, net of taxes of $ 24,000. (80,000)
Gain on sale of land.................... 65,000
Extraordinary loss, net of taxes of $ 6,000 .............. (20,000)

1. For the items listed, indicate the financial statement and appropriate section, where applicable, on which each would appear.
2. Provide a description of each item and give as many details of each item’s financial statement presentation as possible.
3. Based on the data provided, what is Hartsfield Company’s tax rate?

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