Question: Each of the following scenarios is independent Assume that all

Each of the following scenarios is independent. Assume that all cash flows are after- tax cash flows.
a. Colby Hepworth has just invested $ 400,000 in a book and video store. She expects to receive a cash income of $ 120,000 per year from the investment.
b. Kylie Sorensen has just invested $ 1,400,000 in a new biomedical technology. She expects to receive the following cash flows over the next five years: $ 350,000, $ 490,000, $ 700,000, $ 420,000, and $ 280,000.
c. Carsen Nabors invested in a project that has a payback period of four years. The project brings in $ 960,000 per year.
d. Rahn Booth invested $ 1,300,000 in a project that pays him an even amount per year for five years. The payback period is 2.5 years.
1. What is the payback period for Colby?
2. What is the payback period for Kylie?
3. How much did Carsen invest in the project?
4. How much cash does Rahn receive each year?

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