Each person in a random sample of 228 male teenagers and a random sample of 306 female teenagers was asked how many hours he or she spent online in a typical week (1psos, January 25, 2006). The sample mean and standard deviation were 15.1 hours and
11.4 hours for males and 14.1 and 11.8 for females.
a. The standard deviation for each of the samples is large, indicating a lot of variability in the responses to the question. Explain why it is not reasonable to think that the distribution of responses would be approximately normal for either the population of male teenagers or the population of female teenagers.
b. Given your response to Part (a), would it be appropriate to use the two-sample t test to test the null hypothesis that there is no difference in the mean number of hours spent online in a typical week for male teenagers and female teenagers? Explain why or why not.
c. If appropriate, carry out a test to determine if there is convincing evidence that the mean number of hours spent online in a typical week is greater for male teenagers than for female teenagers. Use a .05 significance level.

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